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WH reporter dismisses GOPers/conservatives 'going crazy' over Kamala Harris' horrible interview (but asks Jen Psaki if they might 'have a point') [video]

After Kamala Harris’ disastrous interview with Lester Holt:


The White House has to work even harder than usual on damage control. Fortunately, they’re getting some much-needed help from the White House press corps:

Those crazy Republicans and conservatives are pouncing all over Kamala Harris for demonstrating once again that she’s way out of her depth, as both an interviewee and VP!

We’re really trying to keep up, but it’s getting so difficult.


Maybe they should be taking their guidance and advice from crazy Republicans and conservatives, because the Biden administration doesn’t seem to know what the hell they’re doing.

Nah. So much easier to blame Republicans and conservatives for creating this problem that the Biden administration just walked into.

How nice.

Anyway, credit where it’s due: at least Katie Rogers asked Jen Psaki if all those crazy Republicans and conservatives have a point:


Psaki bombed, all right.

Because Republicans and conservatives do have a point — and the Biden White House ignores them at their own peril.



Jen Psaki explains what Kamala Harris really meant when she told Guatemalan would-be illegal immigrants ‘do not come’


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