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Daily Show host Trevor Noah is just asking 'an honest question' about why Israel isn't simply letting Hamas do their murderous terrorism thing [video]

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah is a classic example of what we like to call Schrödinger’s Clown Nose. He wants to be taken seriously while also being a comedian who’s trying to be funny but also serious at the same time.


Noah’s thoughts on Israel defending itself from Hamas terrorists is an excellent illustration of that:

That honest question is actually quite intellectually dishonest, if you think about it for even a second. But let’s hear Trevor out, in the interest of the discourse:

“If you start from ‘Israel fired rockets into Gaza,’ then Israel is the bad guy, because they’re bombing Gaza,” Noah explained. “But then you take a step back in time, and you go, ‘Well, but Hamas fired rockets at Israel.’ Then Hamas is the bad guy. But then you take a step back, and you go, ‘But the Israeli police went in and started beating people up in a mosque during Ramadan, the most holy time in the Muslim calendar.’ Well then, Israel is the bad guy.”

Guess Trevor didn’t have time to mention the people in the mosque during Ramadan who were stockpiling large rocks and firebombs to deploy on Jews who have chosen to exist. Because that would make Hamas the bad guy.

News flash, Trevor: Hamas is always the bad guy. No matter what else anyone anywhere is doing, Hamas is always the bad guy.


“I just want to ask an honest question here,” Noah said. “If you are in a fight where the other person cannot beat you, how much should you retaliate when they try to hurt you?”

“Everyone has a different answer to the question, and I’m not trying to answer the question, nor do I think I’m smart enough to solve it. All I ask is, when you have this much power, what is your responsibility?”


Here, take a look:

We can’t with this guy. Can you?

Just asking questions. Trevor’s not taking sides or anything.



Does that answer your “honest question,” Trevor?

To be fair, that’s Trevor Noah on just about everything.



We’re just going to drop this right here:



Daily Show’s Trevor Noah can’t believe ‘New York [got] screwed out of a House seat,’ but he knows ‘we’re back in the 1930s’ now


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