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Andrew Yang's foolish attempt at damage control after unequivocally supporting Israel's right to self-defense only pisses off the Outrage Mob even more

Earlier this week, former Democratic presidential hopeful and current New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang caused a bit of a left-wing meltdown by … defending Israel and Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas terrorists:


In a sane world, there would be literally nothing controversial about defending a country constantly under attack by those who want it completely annihilated. But we haven’t been living in a sane world for some time now.

And now, because of that, Andrew Yang has just done the something he absolutely shouldn’t have: he’s tried to weasel out of unequivocally supporting Israel in its fight to exist.

Mourn for the Palestinian lives lost — at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. It’s Hamas and their ilk who should be held responsible for the deaths of Palestinian civilians. Israel warns Palestinians before retaliating against Palestinian terrorists; Palestinian terrorists use civilians as human shields.

And Andrew Yang just completely glossed over that.

Pathetic. The pain and suffering on both sides is a direct result of the terrorists who have no regard for human life.


And Yang was willing to prostrate himself before the anti-Zionist (and antisemitic) Left effectively for nothing:



Next time you’re feeling like reaching out to the anti-Israel contingent, Mr. Yang, maybe heed Dana Loesch’s advice instead:

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