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'Hard-hitting': Newsweek's got all the juicy deets on Joe Biden's presidential game of Mario Kart

Yesterday, Newsweek demonstrated how to journalism by breathlessly reporting on Ted Cruz sharing a “fake satire” Babylon Bee post:

Newsweek even reached out to Cruz’s office for comment, because America needed answers.

Well, Newsweek is apparently on a hot streak when it comes to important scoops that matter:

Can you imagine if the media had kept this from us?

We can, in fact, use it. To demonstrate just how egregiously awful ostensibly serious news outlets like Newsweek have become.

Joe Biden’s Mario Kart game is literally as newsworthy as Ted Cruz’s Babylon Bee tweet, according to Newsweek. Just in case you’re wondering how they prioritize their stories.

What a (D)ifference that (D) makes, huh?

Care to investigate, Newsweek?



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