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Sacha Baron Cohen — who's famous for trying to offend as many people as possible — wants to #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy

Sacha Baron Cohen owes his career to free speech.

So naturally, he’s all in favor of free speech.

Unless, of course, it’s speech he doesn’t like. Like Donald Trump’s for example.

Trump’s already been booted from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but what about YouTube? What are they waiting for?

Save Democracy! By limiting speech you don’t like simply because you don’t like it.

How far we’ve come.

Hey, man. It’s OK when Sacha Baron Cohen offends people because he’s doing it for the right reasons. Trust him.

It’s extremely creepy.

But it’s apparently also quite effective. At least as long as you’re on the Right Side of History:

Yes, Sacha! Well done! No chance whatsoever that the Speech Police will come for you someday.



Throw free speech down the well? ‘Borat’ star Sacha Baron Cohen apparently has a major problem with Mark Zuckerberg’s reluctance to police speech

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