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Joe Biden's desperate campaign resorts to 'doctored video' to make Donald Trump look bad (and looks bad doing it) [video]

With Donald Trump seemingly having fared better during last night’s debate than Democrats had been hoping for, Joe Biden’s campaign has got their work cut out for them today.


So they put their heads together, pooled their collective brainpower, and came up with this:

Wow. Brutal! Isn’t it brutal, everybody? Lord knows how Donald Trump will come back from that.

In case you missed it:

So, basically, Joe Biden’s campaign tried to capitalize on the moment Donald Trump was trying to call him out for refusing to answer a question that he should’ve been entirely prepared to answer and figured that the best they could do is try to appear even less mature than Trump.

Taking the high road via the low road is a bold strategy, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And the Biden campaign is nothing if not desperate right now.


Maybe they will be, after getting into big trouble for using Joe Biden’s Twitter account to post “manipulated media”:

We’re joking, of course. Joe Biden always gets the kid gloves treatment, even when he behaves like a child.

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