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Cher ends emotionally charged tirade about Mitt Romney destroying America over SCOTUS vacancy by suggesting that he'll go to hell

With Mitt Romney coming right out and saying that he plans to follow the Constitution when it comes to the nomination/confirmation process for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS replacement, a lot — and we do mean a lot — of liberal heads are exploding.

But no story about liberal heads exploding is truly complete until we check in with Cher and see how she feels.

And it will no doubt please you to see that today, she did not disappoint:

Are we in hell? If hell is trying to read a Cher Twitter thread without stabbing yourself in the brain, then we, too, are in hell.

Is it, though? Is it really?

Well, that’s too bad. Because that’s pretty much all Cher’s got for you.

Sorry, it’s a little late for that.



Jemele Hill invokes Martin Luther King Jr. to shame ‘White moderate’ Mitt Romney over SCOTUS


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