Mitt Romney has issued a statement avowing his commitment to moving forward with the process to confirm a SCOTUS successor to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

And just to twist the knife a little more:

The liberals who have been counting so heavily on Mitt Romney to ensure a Resistance victory are having a rough time dealing with all this. Lefty blue checks and normies alike are registering their disappointment and straight-up outrage.

Here’s a taste:

Speaking of Joe Walsh, someone should probably do a wellness check on the Bulwark and Lincoln Project.

Yes, we’re back to the dog. Among other things.

So, Romney’s logic is the “look to the Constitution.” And that’s a problem because … ?

That’s the ticket, George. Throw everything at the wall and maybe something will finally stick.

One could also argue that watching liberals’ heads explode at the thought of following Constitutional procedure makes all this worth it.

At least they’re making it clear where they stand.