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Weird! @redsteeze notices something missing from Christiane Amanpour's interview with Stacey Abrams about allegations against Joe Biden [video]

Real Journalist™ Christiane Amanpour recently interviewed America’s most desperate vice presidential wannabe Stacey Abrams about Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden:


Welp, if that’s good enough for Christiane Amanpour, it should be good enough for the rest of us!

We wouldn’t be disappointed if we were you. This is par for the course with a lot of liberal women, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular position these days.

And, as Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, points out journalists like Christiane Amanpour don’t seem to care why that’s the case.



We wouldn’t hold our breath.

Actual journalism is so rare these days. Especially among celebrated journalists.

Whether incapable or unwilling — or both — journalists like Christiane Amanpour are a disgrace not only to their profession, but to all of us.



‘The very worst virtue signaling I’ve seen’: #MeToo’s death rattle rings out in this NYT opinion piece on Tara Reade and Joe Biden

Blue-checked ‘advocate of feminism and equality’ reaps the ratio whirlwind for her willingness to throw Tara Reade to the wolves [screenshots]

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