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Who wants to tell Dem Sen. Dick Durbin why Nancy Pelosi 'really unnerves a lot of' Republicans?

As Twitchy told you, Politico journos — among other media firefighters — are doing their damnedest to make Nancy Pelosi a victim of Republican gamesmanship with regard to the COVID19 relief stimulus bill.

Apparently the fact that Nancy Pelosi is the one who set fire to the bipartisan relief bill isn’t relevant.

Well anyway, it makes sense that if media are spinning Pelosi as a victim, Democratic politicians would be doing the same.

So take it away, Dick Durbin:

Nancy Pelosi’s “unnerving” people, you say? And why, pray tell, might that be, Dick?

That’s putting it mildly.

We’d say Republicans have good reason to be unnerved by Nancy Pelosi. Americans have good reason to be unnerved by Nancy Pelosi.



‘Disgusting’! Here’s how Nancy Pelosi is using House Dems’ COVID19 stimulus bill to ‘[put] a gun to the head of America right now’


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