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The Nation correspondent tries to 'But Trump!' John Roberts after statement on Chuck Schumer, takes rake to the face instead; UPDATE: More firefighters join in

This afternoon, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a rare rebuke of a politician, denouncing Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s comments about SCOTUS Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch as “not only inappropriate, [but] dangerous.”


Credit Chief Justice Roberts for making the MSM decide that Schumer’s remarks were worth covering.

We’re already there. Take it away, The Nation justice correspondent Elie Mystal:

Yeah, what a freaking joke!

Oh, was it, now?

Ackshually, Elie:


Oh well. He tried.

Hey, man. Elie’s a journalist. You can’t expect him to actually get his facts straight before spouting off.

McConnell stealing the court! Kavanigh’s [sic] threats to punish his enemies! Bless your heart, Elie.

He’ll have to get back to you.





Should be a pretty long thread.

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