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'MSM memo has gone out'! @neontaster notices media hacks like CNN's Susan Hennessey using this word to help Iran shift blame for downed flight onto Trump; UPDATED

Our media Guardians of Truth can’t afford to waste any time when it comes to shifting the blame for the Ukrainian flight that went down in Tehran off of Iran (despite the fact that an Iranian anti-aircraft missile was reportedly what took down the plane). In order to get the word out, the media are going to have to agree on basic language to use.


Tweeter @neontaster has concluded that the media’s word of choice is “crossfire”:

That’s what it looks like, yeah:

Don’t forget about NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla:

There’s more, of course:


More to come, no doubt. Like from CNN natsec and legal analyst Susan Hennessey:

“The crossfire of reckless escalation,” you guys.


Why is it so difficult for alleged truth-tellers like Susan Hennessey to just tell the truth?

It has indeed. And it evidently does not include a definition of “crossfire.”


If you’re going to point that out to firefighters like Susan Hennessey, be prepared for her to blame you for her incompetence and deception:

Wethinks the lady doth project too much.

There’s absolutely no defending Susan’s behavior or that of others like her who should know better but don’t care to.

We’re doing our best to preserve them for posterity. Their takes deserve to be remembered.


But the partisan roles are what they are, so here we are.



Good Lord, Susan Hennessey. Quit while you’re behind:

She’s insufferable.

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