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Jay Caruso takes blue-checked 'historian' back to school over the latter's 'revisionist history about the Senate' and Mitch McConnell

You know, for an alleged “historian,” Kevin Kruse sure seems to be unfamiliar with, well, history. He’s very upset by Mitch McConnell’s “trench warfare”:


Washington Examiner Magazine managing editor Jay Caruso may not be a fancy self-proclaimed “historian” like Kevin here, but he’s got a much firmer grasp than Kevin on recent political history:

‘Member Harry Reid?


Cocaine Mitch tried to warn them:

But Kevin Kruse and the rest of the lefty know-it-all contingent refused to listen.

No, Kevin.

And it’s only gonna get stupider. So buckle up, everybody.



‘It’s such balderdash’! Jay Caruso shreds ‘nearly 2,000-word screed’ complaining that Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell is mean to journalists

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