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'Journalisming so hard': ThinkProgress takes a cue from AOC, puts out their own shameful hit job on Dan Crenshaw

As you’ve probably heard by now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided that it would be a good idea to slime GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw by suggesting that he goes around lending his guns to all those domestic abusers and violent criminals that he’s good friends with:


She proceeded to dig her grave even deeper by demonstrating that she doesn’t actually understand the point Crenshaw was making (and by doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on the domestic abuser stuff).

AOC is a strong, independent woman … but that doesn’t mean she can’t use a little help when it comes to maligning someone else’s character. ThinkProgress was ready and willing to back AOC’s narrative up:

Nice work, ThinkProgress. As usual.


Goes along with the dishonest post:

It is unclear why Crenshaw does not believe his friends could pass background checks to get their own weapons or to borrow his. If they are convicted felons who are not allowed to possess weapons, it would seem important for Crenshaw or other friends to know that before arming them.

Way to complete ignore Crenshaw’s point and perpetuate the hit job in the process.

Little of column A, little of column B. All that really matters is that they’re garbage.

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