As Twitchy told you earlier, the always-delightful Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez basically accused GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of lending his guns to his domestic abuser and violent criminal buddies:

Needless to say, Crenshaw didn’t take kindly to AOC’s insinuations about his friends or her brazen attempt to impugn his character:

AOC isn’t aware of America outside NYC. Hell, she’s not aware of America outside her fancy luxury apartment.

Unfortunately for her, that’s not stopping her from spouting off anyway:

The irony of AOC telling someone else to “try and keep up” is certainly not lost on us. She’s punching way above her intellectual weight.

AOC herself is a civil liberties disaster.

Oh, most definitely.

But you can bet she’s gonna go down swinging:

So, AOC … how many of your friends are domestic abusers? Inquiring minds wanna know.

She’s certainly a piece of garbage.

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She’s still going, you guys:

Good Lord.

Apparently she doesn’t realize that’s what she’s doing. Because she’s still going:

Well, obviously there’s only one conclusion we can draw from that:


She’s basically describing herself right now. It’s time for her to just get it over with and confess already. At the very least, she’s guilty of being criminally stupid.