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So it's not 'incitement'? WaPo firefighter seems to take issue with RNC ad tying the Squad's words to attack on ICE facility

As Twitchy told you, the RNC has released a new ad targeting the “Squad” for their inflammatory rhetoric, which looks even worse in light of the recent attack on a Tacoma ICE facility.


But Washington Post firefighter Dave Weigel apparently thinks it’s wrong to suggest that bad people might be motivated by the language of Ayanna Pressley and the other Squad members:

The nerve of the RNC, tying the Squad’s incendiary language about ICE to an Antifa terrorist’s — who repeatedly invoked AOC’s “concentration camps” smear in his manifesto — attack on an ICE facility! Who do they think they are? The media?


But seriously, we’re wondering why firefighters like Dave only seem to be concerned about so-called inflammatory rhetoric when it’s coming from the Right.


It’s so hard to keep track!

So Maxine Waters urging her minions to harass Trump administration officials in public places was just a whole lotta nothing. The Squad’s systematic campaign to put targets on ICE and CBP’s backs are a whole lotta nothing.

But heaven help you if you call them names.

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