Hey, remember that lesson we all learned about toning down the political rhetoric after a nutjob Bernie bro opened fire on a baseball field full of Republicans and nearly killed Rep. Steve Scalise?

Apparently not. While clowns like ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser project that the repeal of Obamacare will result in a “mass killing that I don’t know that we’ve seen on American soil since the Civil War,” most Democrats have saved up their outrage for ICE, the Border Patrol, and overcrowded migrant detention facilities — many of them first alerted to the problem when a 2014 photo of children in cages started making the rounds during the Trump administration.

As we just reported, Vice President Pence spoke with migrants at a detention center in Texas (after which “real” journalist Chris Hayes described Pence’s “absolute cowardice” in not speaking with the migrants after watching NBC’s edited video).

Alyssa Milano took that myth and ran with it, passing around a photo comparing Pence to Heinrich Himmler touring a prisoner of war camp.

Guys, once more, here’s video of Pence talking with the detainees:

But no, people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are going to keep doubling- and tripling-down on the concentration camp rhetoric and posting photos of themselves crying at an empty parking lot to tug on a few heartstrings until somebody snaps. And hey, look, somebody snapped.

The Seattle Times and Fox News are reporting on it … anyone else? Or is this a local crime story, like Kermit Gosnell?

Actually, CNN is reporting on the story, and the details are important:

An armed man was fatally shot early Saturday during a confrontation with police after he hurled incendiary devices at a Washington state immigration detention center, Tacoma police said.

The shooting occurred about 4 a.m. local time outside the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Northwest Detention Center, where the man attempted to set the building and parked cars on fire, according to police spokeswoman Loretta Cool.
A peaceful rally against the raids at the Tacoma detention center had ended about six hours before the shooting, Cool said.
So, you could say it was a mostly peaceful rally.


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