Has anyone made an offer yet to buy ThinkProgress? If not, maybe the editors could ask the writers to tone things down just a bit while they’re trying to broker a sale for cash money. Columnist Ian Millhiser is a known drama queen, but on Tuesday he reached unknown levels of pathos, all over the prospect of Obamacare being struck down.

Millhiser already pulled what he thought was the money quote from his piece, but in case you can’t read the screenshot, here it is again:

Again, about 24,000 people will die every year. Year after year. If Obamacare is struck down. That’s tens of thousands of fathers who will never kiss their daughters again, and tens of thousands of wives who will never hold their husbands again.

If an invading army committed such an act — If it killed 24,000 innocent people, year after year — we would name that act an “atrocity.” Resolutions would be debated in the United Nations Security Council. Peacekeepers would be sent to intervene.

But in this case, one of the greatest acts of mass killing to occur on American soil since the Civil War will not be committed by an army. It may, however, be committed by Jennifer Elrod and Kurt Engelhardt.

We forget … how many were estimated to die over the GOP tax cuts? The repeal of net neutrality? Those tax cuts were “Armageddon” and “the end of the world.” So we’ve been prepared for devastating losses attributed to the Democrats losing their way.