Ah, the memories. Remember when Soledad O’Brien, then anchoring a show for CNN, got caught on camera reading her liberal talking points from TalkingPoints Memo’s daily email blast? We do.

We’re not yet into sold-for-a-dollar territory like Newsweek, but The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein is reporting that on Monday, TalkingPoint Memo staffers were informed that the Center for American Progress was selling off its own version of state media.

Better lay off of the l***n to c**e posts for a bit; those will be considered targeted harassment by Twitter.

Stein reports:

Staff were informed on Monday afternoon that the site would be sold off and a CAP official told The Daily Beast that the organization would begin looking for prospective buyers for the website, which has come under severe financial strains during the Trump era.

No wonder they’re commies:

ThinkProgress has never been profitable. In the past, it has made up its shortfalls with contributions from CAP and CAP donors. Several ThinkProgress alums told The Daily Beast that they believed that CAP could continue covering the deficit but had concluded that the site was too much of an editorial headache and too big a financial drain for them to rationalize doing so.

The site had already been shaving down payroll to try and close the financial gap, with staff size being reduced from the high of 40 to under 35. But according to a CAP official, the cuts were not enough to make it possible to continue operating the site.

“The Trump era” strikes again.

It’s tough to compete with CNN and MSNBC and The Washington Post and The New York Times in the game.