After CNN’s Soledad O’Brien was caught referring on-air to Wikipedia to challenge a guest on the definition of critical race theory, supporters descended on Wikipedia to alter the original page to ensure the definition fit O’Brien’s argument. It’s unsure how supporters will alter history tonight after O’Brien was caught on camera referring to a printout from liberal blog Talking Points Memo.

“Just a blogger” Ali A. Akbar captured a screen shot of O’Brien referring to her notes in a fierce debate with Virginia House of Delegates member Barbara Comstock over Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. An enlargement of the shot reveals O’Brien, substituting for Anderson Cooper, reading from “The myth of Paul Ryan the bipartisan leader,” published earlier this evening on

CNN does need to respond. In the meantime, who’s updating O’Brien’s Wikipedia page to add this latest stunt to her on-air résumé? (Update: it seems that deed has already been done. In that case, how long before #StopTweetingSoledad trends again?)

Update: Akbar notes that an enlargement of the screen shows that the printout is not of the TPM blog page, but of an email blast.



From Comstock’s Facebook fan page:

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Soledad O’Brien was reading straight from liberal talking points ON AIR during an interview I did last night with her. Of course she didn’t read this op-ed where liberal Senator Ron Wyde (sic) (Dem from Oregon) defended the Ryan-Wyden Medicare plan — he actually called it the WYDEN-RYAN plan! Read about it here: