It was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who really got things going on the comparing migrant detention centers at the border to Holocaust concentration camps, and even though several major Jewish organizations asked her to stop, she doubled- and tripled-down; we’re pretty sure she hasn’t taken five minutes to respond to any of their concerns or even reply to their letters.

But as far as we know, it was Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of both the National Security Agency and the CIA, who kicked things off last summer with this hot take invoking Birkenau:

As Twitchy reported earlier, Vice President Mike Pence was raked over the coals earlier Saturday for visiting a migrant detention center and not even looking at or speaking to the men being held there … mostly by people who didn’t bother watching the actual video of Pence talking with migrants held at the center and asking if they were being treated well.

We’re sure she didn’t come up with it, but Alyssa Milano is passing around a sepia-toned version of Pence’s visit to make it look even more like a visit to a Nazi concentration camp. This isn’t even a concentration camp; it’s a prisoner of war camp. But at least Himmler had the guts to look his prisoners in the face, huh? Pence couldn’t even do that (except he could and did, but that myth is out there already).

We know it’s a dig on Pence specifically, but we really feel for the Border Patrol agents who are having to contend with the mess Congress created and are equated with Nazis just because they’re doing their jobs.

Conditions inside these overcrowded detention facilities might suck, but everyone there has a choice to stay and wait to be processed or leave and go back home — and they stay, and more keep coming.

And she posed for photos with Joe Biden, who was complicit in putting children in cages.