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'Incredible'! Thin-skinned constitutional dunce AOC tries to school Liz Cheney with fake news

At her town hall event on MSNBC Friday night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said a lot of very stupid things. But this one blew them all out of the water:


Rep. Liz Cheney was one of many who just couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw AOC’s idiocy back in her face:

So naturally, Little Miss Thin Skin is throwing a stunning and brave temper tantrum:

Hey, Rep. AOC, nice try, but everyone knows you’re full of it. Even Newsweek, who was just doing their damnedest to cover for your historical and constitutional illiteracy.

She won’t. And the media don’t want her to.


AOC can hold up Newsweek to defend herself all day long. Doesn’t change the fact that she said something stupid and refuses to take ownership of her stupidity.


When will the media quit carrying her water and call her out?

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.

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