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As Twitchy told you yesterday, Democratic POTUS-wannabe Kamala Harris got busted for lying about her weed-smoking days. Good thing the New York Times is there to help her out:


The “backlash” she has faced consists of people calling her out for either lying about having smoked marijuana or lying about when she did it. If she indeed smoked weed while listening to Snoop and Tupac, it means she did so while prosecuting others for marijuana possession. And that’s a pretty big deal. At least, it would be if she were a Republican.

For some reason, the New York Times seems far more offended by conservatives’ response to the implications of Harris’ story than by the implications themselves.


Well, at least there’s nothing complicated about what’s motivating the New York Times.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Stay tuned!



To the rescue! Super-serious journo goes to the mat for lying liar Kamala Harris

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