Kamala Harris recently found herself in hot bong water after claiming she smoked pot in college while enjoying the dulcet tones of Snoop and Tupac, despite the fact that she graduated from college several years before either rapper released any music. Either she lied about lighting up in college or she admitted to inhaling while prosecuting marijuana users as Alameda Deputy DA.

It looks pretty bad for Kamala — which is why she’s so lucky to have a Real Journalist like the Toronto Star’s Washington correspondent Daniel Dale in her corner. Detective Dale has been doing some digging, and he’s pretty sure that his findings will prove that Kamala Harris is actually as awesome as she says she is:

Actually, it’s pretty clear she was:

… and Harris volunteered “Tupac, for sure.” Harris volunteered that; not “right-wing outlets.”

Well, Daniel, you’ve given readers the transcript they need, and it seems pretty safe to say that Harris lied about something.


Asked, and answered: