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'Doesn't help him at all': Alleged lawyer's attempts to prove Ralph Northam's critics wrong go horribly awry

Now that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s defense of infanticide has had a few hours to percolate, pro-abort lefties have had time to craft their defenses of Northam.


There are plenty of bad ones out there, but this one’s really special, because it’s being pushed by a trial lawyer who should really know better:

Actually, what they’re “screaming about” is Virginia Democratic House Delegates and the sitting Virginia governor openly advocating for infanticide. But Max thinks he’s on the winning side of this argument:

Ralph Northam’s not the only one digging himself into a deeper hole. Does Max not realize that the language of the bill proves the bill’s critics correct?



Neither, apparently, did Max. Otherwise why the hell would he be using the bill’s language to try to prove Northam’s critics wrong? Clearly Kennerly doesn’t realize that he’s not doing Northam any favors:


Oh, so now the defense is that Northam, a pediatric neurologist, doesn’t understand the topic of late-term abortions?

Max is really doing wonders for Northam’s reputation right now.


But maybe we’re just overreacting:

You’re in no position to condescend to anyone, Max. So stop. Before you dig that hole even deeper.

Nailed it.

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