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GOP Sen. Cory Gardner catches lefty hate after revealing this disturbing detail about his pro-Kavanaugh vote

As Twitchy told you, former AG — and possible future Democratic presidential candidate — Eric Holder unveiled his preferred motto for today’s Democratic Party: “When they go low, we kick them.”


GOP Sen. Cory Gardner has some thoughts on that:

And right on cue, as it to prove Gardner’s point, lefties are letting their thug flags fly.


Here’s a taste:


And Republican leadership categorically denounced the threats against Dr. Ford. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder are actively inciting violence against Republicans. But that’s OK or something.


Apparently the fact that Cory Gardner bears the same (R) after his name that Donald Trump has is justification enough for the harassment and threats he’s faced from the Left.

Go low, lefties.



‘AntiFa Gam Gam’? Nothing to see here, just Hillary Clinton inciting violence against Republicans

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