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AHEM: Bethany Mandel pokes some holes in Kumail Nanjiani's case against Ben Shapiro

As Twitchy told you, actor Kumail Nanjiani took issue with Ben Shapiro failing to prevent his followers from being jerks.


But Bethany Mandel wasn’t really buying Nanjiani’s virtue signaling act:

Here’s what she’s referring to:

Doing her a favor? Really? By posting a context-free screenshot for all your followers to gawk at? Please.

It implies she’s a Nazi sympathizer, at the very least.

Hate it when that happens.


See how messed up that is, Kumail?


For what it’s worth, Nanjiani apologized to Mandel for the shady way he put her work out there:

Mandel graciously took him at his word, but she made it clear that her position on responsibility for others’ actions hasn’t changed:



‘Dude, you’re INSANE’! Blue-checked NUTJOB accuses ‘pig-person’ Ben Shapiro of terrorism

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