As Twitchy told you, crazypants blue check Vic Berger dove head-first off the deep end with an unhinged rant against Ben Shapiro, calling Shapiro a “stochastic terrorist” over this objectively inoffensive tweet about more women getting into dentistry:

Here’s how Berger kicked off his rant:

“Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani apparently didn’t see anything wrong with Berger’s assessment, because rather than taking issue with Berger’s batsh*t insane ramblings, Nanjiani seems to think Shapiro’s the one who’s got to dial it back:

Except Nanjiani isn’t saying Shapiro’s not responsible, either. What exactly does he think Shapiro can do to prevent any of his followers from interpreting a totally innocuous tweet as a signal to verbally abuse or threaten someone else? If Nanjiani’s gonna go down this road, he’d better have some good tires, because it’s a very slippery one.

Shapiro didn’t “attack” Alissa Nutting. Nor did he encourage anyone to open fire in a mosque. But Nanjiani seems perfectly at ease leaving both of those false narratives out there without correcting the record.

It’s not the wrong move if it lets you think you’ve got some moral high ground.

That’s pretty pathetic.

Except your evidence of Shapiro’s role in hate directed at Alissa Nutting was an incoherent tweet accusing Shapiro of terrorism and complicity in mass murder.

Sad that Shapiro had to point that out to Nanjiani.

OK, Kumail. So how about telling your followers that Shapiro isn’t a terrorist now?

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