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'CHECK YOUR FACTS'! Buck Sexton CALLS OUT Jake Tapper for 'false' statement on Scooter Libby

As Twitchy told you, CNN analyst — and former FBI special agent — Asha Rangappa got called out for this bogus claim about Scooter Libby:


It pains us to say this, but the looseness with facts seems to have spread to her CNN colleague Jake Tapper. After Donald Trump tweeted this earlier today:

Tapper shared his thoughts on the matter:

Buck Sexton jumped in to set the record straight:


Tapper didn’t appreciate Sexton’s correction:

OK, but:

Sexton never did get his proof.


That could get a bit messy.

That raises a question:

Seems like a fair question.


Well anyway, Tapper continued to attempt to justify his argument:

So … Sexton’s point still stands, then.

Tapper elaborated in a series of tweets:



Maybe there’s “some confusion out there” about what Libby did because journalists aren’t laying out all the facts before weighing in.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.

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