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'This is a LIE'! Chris Cuomo gets SHREDDED for this WHITE-HOT TAKE on Second Amendment repeal; Updated

Simmah down, now! CNN’s Chris Cuomo has had just about enough of all the huffing and puffing about gun control, thank you very much. And he’d like to make one thing perfectly clear: It’s just a lot of bunk.


No one, Chris? Wow. You could’ve fooled us!

Not just a lie … a damned lie.



Eh, it comes with the territory.



Hold up, you guys. Chris Cuomo knows all about John Paul Stevens calling for Second Amendment repeal … but that totally doesn’t count:


This effing guy. What a piece of work.



‘Check your hearing’! Journo tries to own Rubio with ABSURD claim about #MarchForOurLives

What’s WORSE? This NYT op-ed calling for Second Amendment repeal, or that THIS GUY wrote it?

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