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'They're lying': CNN statement on #CNNBlackmail 'reads better in Tony Soprano's voice'

CNN has released a statement concerning their decision to threaten look into the anonymous Reddit user who created the Trump wrestling gif, and everything’s totally hunky-dory now:


Got that? So there’s nothing to see here, and you haters can all stop picking on CNN now. GOT THAT???

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Could it be — and we know we’re going out on a limb here — that CNN is also using their grave-digging shovel to shovel out B.S.?

CNN knew exactly what they were doing. It wasn’t benevolent, and it sure as hell wasn’t journalism.



Their statement definitely doesn’t pass the smell test.



No way did CNN withhold the guy’s name “out of concern for his safety.” They were looking for leverage — and revenge — pure and simple.


Parting food for thought:





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