As we told you, President Joe Biden took the opportunity to celebrate the invisible trans community by spotlighting their stunning bravery today, on this our official Transgender Day of Visibility.

Because it’s important to remember that no matter how many innocent people — including children — are murdered in cold blood by members of the radical trans community, the trans community will always be the most stunningly bravest of victims.

And just in case you weren’t convinced enough by Biden’s tweet, his principle mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre reiterated the administration’s commitment to defending the honor of the trans community above all other communities. Especially above the child community:

Thank you, Karine, for bringing this to our attention.

Oh, you mean these people?

Yeah, but did you hear about all the transgender kids who are under attack right now? No, not by deranged and corrupt psychological and medical professionals who are encouraging parents to let their kids undergo massive emotional and physical trauma in order to fulfill their trans destiny. The attacks are by Republican legislators who for some reason have a problem with little girls getting medically unnecessary hysterectomies and mastectomies and little boys getting their penis chopped off and getting pumped full of female sex hormones.

Transgender kids are victims, all right. But they’re victims of toxic left-wing ideologues. The same toxic left-wing ideologues who are currently doing everything they can to shield the Covenant shooter.

If only Karine Jean-Pierre and Co. could muster even a fraction of that outrage on behalf of the loved ones of the three children and three members of Covenant’s staff that were shot down in cold blood.

She really did.

And then she really followed it up with this:

Transgender youth are the bravest people the Biden administration knows? Really? The only way that makes any sense is if no member of the Biden administration has ever met anyone who is not a trans kid during the course of their entire life.

“The bravest people we know.” That’s genuinely perverse, in the truest sense of the word.


How about Dr. Katherine Koonce?

How about Nashville Police Officers Michael Collazo and Rex Engelbert, who didn’t hesitate before pursuing the shooter?

“The bravest people we know.”

You know, if we stop and think about it, in a way, Karine Jean-Pierre might actually be one of the bravest people we know. Because it takes a massive set of brass ones to put a pair of tweets like those out into the universe. It takes a massive set of brass ones to announce to the entire world that your administration is rotten from the inside out. Just absolute garbage all the way down.

That psycho is so far beyond broken, she’s literally incapable of realizing how bad it looks. They’re all beyond broken. And beyond repair.

Everyone on that list has made their decision on whom to support. And, well, looks like we’re officially  on our own.



Karine Jean Pierre’s heart goes out to the trans community, which is under attack right now


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