Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has his work cut out for him if he’s really determined to see Donald Trump thrown into prison for making hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. The foundation for the indictment is shaky at best, as even some notable Trump critics have pointed out.

Still, former FBI Special Agent and current legal and natsec analyst Asha Rangappa thinks she may very well have figured out a way to make this whole thing work, and she decided to share it with Twitter.

Behold, in all its glory:

At least she acknowledges at the bottom that Trump probably won’t serve any prison time. So that’s something.

Yeah. That’s something.

Actually, we’d highly suggest reading or listening to somebody else about this. Asha Rangappa’s not exactly a reliable source for information on, well, anything.

Except no. You really don’t.

She actually did. Though, to her credit, she seems to have embraced the comparison:

Unfortunately for her, that doesn’t really do anything to help her credibility. Which, over the years, has dwindled down to very little.

To be clear, we’re not actually mad or outraged about her chart. We’re sure she worked very hard on it. And that’s why it would probably be better for everyone if she quit her day job and focused on making charts full time. We feel like she’ll get herself into a lot less trouble that way.



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