If you’re not crazy about the idea of government-mandated “vaccine passports,” or if you’re a fan of personal freedom in general, here’s CNN analyst/faceplanter Asha Rangappa to help you see the light:

Has … has Asha met any actual libertarians? Or is she even remotely familiar with the concept of individual freedom? Because last time we checked, believing in individual freedom and rights while simultaneously caring about other people is not only possible, but quite common.

Moving on:

Self-righteously indignant Asha Rangappa is the worst Asha Rangappa.

Wow, great take. Quality stuff.

What about the burden of being subjected to Asha Rangappa’s tweets?

Comforting to know that Asha Rangappa used to work for the FBI.

We can only hope they’ve raised their admissions standards since she left.

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