Last week, former FBI agent and current legal and national security analyst Asha Rangappa got tangled up pretty nastily in a web of her own making thanks to her weird obsession with Nimrata Nikki Haley going by the name “Nikki Haley.” It got pretty ugly there — for Rangappa, that is:

At the moment, she’s going by “Ashley Rangappa”:

“Ashley” seems pretty Anglicized, but we’re not here to judge.

Actually, we are precisely here to judge. And we’re judging her for being a hypocrite. And also for being a total space cadet, because she’s apparently changed her name so many times that she’s lost track of what it is at any given time. She certainly forgot to inform whomever was responsible for the graphics at MSNBC during her hit on racist garbage person Mehdi Hasan’s show yesterday:

Did you catch it? Siraj Hashmi did:

From Asha to Renuka to Ashley to Asha to sometimes-Ashley-sometimes-Asha-depending-on-the-platform-and-what-she-had-for-breakfast.

Clearly Ms. Rangappa is racist against herself.

Or maybe she’s just an idiot.


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