Yesterday, Megyn Kelly went off on CNN for refusing to take any meaningful action against “CNN This Morning” cohost Don Lemon over his recent misogynistic comments about Nikki Haley.

Kelly was understandably pissed off over Lemon receiving nothing but a glorified slap on the wrist.

It’s almost as if liberal men in the media by and large don’t really have to worry about being made to face any consequences for the awful things they do and say, while conservative women (and men) can be punished for saying or doing far less, or even saying or doing nothing wrong at all.

What are the ground rules here, CNN? Is there a book somewhere that can help us understand why Mary Katharine Ham got disappeared while Don Lemon got a mini-vacation?

And what ultimately came out of Don Lemon’s mini-vacay? After having several days off to reflect on his remarks, here’s the little essay he threw together so he could resume his cohosting duties on a low-rated morning show:

Meh. He can’t be that committed to doing better. Not when the one person who deserves an “I’m sorry” more than anyone wasn’t even acknowledged.

Maybe he just ran out of characters. Or maybe he never had any character to begin with.

Can’t say Lemon’s apology is really disappointing considering how low our expectations were. But man. This is pathetic.

True story.

Well, we definitely know the answer to the second question.

And at this point, the answer to the first question almost doesn’t even matter, because no matter what it is, we know that CNN is a garbage network that hires garbage people.



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