Ultimately, this little performance from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t stop her Squad soul sistah Ilhan Omar from being rightly booted from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, but hopefully Omar can still take some comfort in knowing that her friend was willing to make a complete fool of herself on the House floor for her sake.

Check out AOC’s speech in defense of her antisemitic, terrorist-apologist colleague:

First of all, AOC invoking 9/11 in defense of Ilhan Omar is just … *chef’s kiss*.

9/11, aka when “some people did something.”

Let’s get it right, people!

What an absolute insult to the memories of the people who were murdered on 9/11 to minimize their deaths in order to peddle the false narrative that Ilhan Omar is a victim of Islamophobia and racism. As a New Yorker, AOC should know better than most what the legacies of 9/11 are. It’s not what she says it is.

It’s a disgusting and shameful card. Not to mention a thoroughly dishonest one that crumbles immediately under even the slightest scrutiny.

Ilhan Omar’s ouster from the House Foreign Affairs Committee has absolutely nothing to do with either Islamophobia or racism.

As is the case with Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff, Ilhan Omar’s fate is the fate she deserves. The punishment fits the crime.

Some people removed someone from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. That’s how this works, right?



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