Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar may have lost her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, but let the record show that she did not go down without a fight. Not just a fight from herself, but also from her loyal Democratic friends in the House of Representatives. And few friends are more loyal than Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who was so insulted and outraged by House Republicans following the precedent set by Nancy Pelosi that she actually broke down in tears of pure anguish:

You hate to see it.

Now let’s watch it again:

Gets better every single time.

The voice cracks, the crocodile tears, the self-righteous indignation … that clip’s got everything.

Maybe it’s a little of both.

In any event, Tlaib’s meltdown has nothing to do with Ilhan Omar being the victim of racist Islamophobic bigots (which is fine, because Ilhan Omar is no victim), and everything to do with being an antisemitic conspiracy theorist with an axe to grind against the United States.

Rashida has a real problem with terrorist apologists and antisemites getting held to account.

It’s actually kind of sweet, in a totally demented and disgusting way.

When the “I Hate America” caucus is upset, that’s a pretty clear sign that the system is working.

Someone should put that on a t-shirt.



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