Remember when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got all bent out of shape over the expression “pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” because it was not only physically impossible but also an insult to the working class? That was her way of crapping all over the notion of the American Dream.

Well, it took some time, but the New York Times found their own special way of crapping all over the notion of the American Dream. And their way isn’t just stupid, but it’s also rather racist!

More from the NYT’s Jazmine Ulloa:

The Republicans relying on the phrase show the extent to which the party is diversifying its ranks and recruiting candidates with powerful come-from-behind stories. But historians and other scholars warn that some Republicans are distorting a defining American idea and turning it into an exclusionary political message.

“The Republican Party is using it as a dog whistle,” said Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University. “They are saying here is the potential of what you can have, if we can exclude others from ‘stealing it’ from you.”

Republicans dispute that their references to “the American dream” promote exclusion and say they are using the phrase the same way politicians have used it for decades — to signal hope and opportunity. “I think the left is far more pessimistic than Republicans are about the American dream,” said Representative Yvette Herrell, a New Mexico Republican who is Cherokee and the third Native American woman ever elected to Congress.
Did Jazmine or anyone at the New York Times stop to think that maybe Republicans are right to dispute the idea that “the American Dream” promotes exclusion? Rep. Herrell is correct in her belief that the Left views the American Dream through a far more pessimistic lens than Republicans do. That’s pretty evident in the fact that Dems and liberals are looking for reasons to dismiss and taint “American Dream” with the stench of racism.

Where the hell do they come up with this garbage? In a literal dumpster?

That tweet is facetious. Unfortunately, the New York Times is dead-serious.



That’s usually how this works, yes.


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