GOP Sen. Mitt Romney has been a pretty outspoken critic of Donald Trump. That’s put him at odds with Trump supporters.

But he’s also maintained a pretty conservative record when it comes to how he actually votes. And that’s put him at odds with the Resistance. This may do that as well:

“I’m not in collaboration with that effort.”

The Resistance is still in the honeymoon phase when it comes to Liz Cheney. They’re still waxing poetic about her stunning bravery in deciding to ignore her constituents’ wishes and taking a stand against Donald Trump. We have no doubt that before long, they’ll forget how much they love her, but for now, they’re not really ready to hear people try to rain on the Liz Cheney parade. And that’s what Mitt Romney is effectively doing by advising her to drop her supposed presidential ambitions and just ride off into the sunset with whatever dignity she’s got left.

That’s an interesting point, actually. Liz Cheney’s not stupid, and she’s got to know that she has about as much of a shot at the presidency as Evan McMullin had at the presidency (and currently has at unseating GOP Sen. Mike Lee). Maybe she has even less of a chance. But McMullin has managed to parlay his defeats into some pretty lucrative business ventures. Who’s to say Liz Cheney can’t do the same thing? She wasted no time deciding to use her doomed primary run to “[launch] an organization to educate the American people about the ongoing threat to our Republic, and to mobilize a unified effort to oppose any Donald Trump campaign for president.” Sounds like something right out of Evan McMullin’s playbook.

Anyway, if Cheney has any sense, she’ll take Romney’s advice. A presidential run wouldn’t really help her popularity on the Right, and if by some miracle she even got the nomination, the Left would go right back to demonizing her just like they did before they realized they could use her to have a go at Donald Trump.


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