In case you missed the recent breaking news, the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” will not actually do anything to reduce inflation. Oh well. At least the IRS will get a bunch of new auditors, right? So it won’t have been a complete waste of taxpayers’ money!

And speaking of taxpayers’ money, all you taxpayers out there who are worried that the last thing you need right now is to be funding stuff like a beefed-up IRS and a bunch of health care and climate change crap can maybe rest a little bit easier knowing that, according to Energy Jennifer Granholm, there are some pretty simple things taxpayers can do to recoup some of that money:

Want a tax credit? Easy-peasy! Just buy some new energy-efficient windows and appliances! Put some solar panels on your roof! Go get yourself a new electric car! And then get yourself a charging station so you can power up that car at home! Invest the tens and tens of thousands of dollars you don’t have this year into a bunch of crap that you can’t afford and you’ll get to hold onto a little more of your money, which you can then use to purchase things like food and clothing, which will only continue to get more expensive!

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Can’t believe we ever thought Dems didn’t care about us regular Americans. Boy, were we wrong.

That’s why the IRS needed that $80 billion. Get it?

But you can get a 30% tax credit when you do your 2022 tax return.

30%. That’s almost 31%! It’s like winning the Powerball, practically.

Of course it was. Now, stop whining and buy that Tesla.



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