Please forgive us for missing this yesterday, but it’s still delightfully fresh today.

During yesterday’s White House press briefing, stunning and brave CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins asked Karine Jean-Pierre a very tough, very objective question about how Joe Biden is dealing with abysmal poll numbers amid terrible economic news. Just kidding! This is what Collins actually asked Jean-Pierre:

“Why is Joe Biden so awesome and do you have any suggestions as to what journalists could do to remind voters that he’s so awesome so Democrats can prevail in the midterms?”

Shades of former New York Times reporter — and Collins’ current CNN colleague — Jeff Zeleny asking then-President Barack Obama “[What’s] enchanted you the most?”

The shamelessness of it all. The brazen partisan hackery. Our teeth hurt from cringing. Just a sickening spectacle to witness.

Ooo … now that’s interesting. Maybe CNN actually does have their eye on Karine Jean-Pierre so they can snatch her up fast when she inevitably flames out. MSNBC got Jen Psaki, CNN could get Karine Jean-Pierre … one big MSM-White-House circle jerk!

This … is CNN.

Jeebus is facepalming.

No shame whatsoever. And it’s worth recalling that last year, Joe Biden totally lost it on Kaitlan Collins over a question about Vladimir Putin. Is Collins still trying to atone for her egregious sin by kissing up to this garbage administration?



All is well: CNN’s Kaitlan Collins accepts Joe Biden’s apology for very unfairly — and very publicly — berating her


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