Earlier today, CNN reported that, according to both U.S. and Taiwanese sources, Nancy Pelosi would be going to Taiwan during the course of her tour of Asia. It while it wasn’t clear exactly how on-board the Biden administration was with that prospect, people were at least somewhat optimistic that maybe they’d back Pelosi up.

Alas, based on what John Kirby had to say this afternoon, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Kirby’s a bit snippy today, isn’t he?

Kirby still had more to say regarding Taiwan:

Uhhh …

Guess that settles it, then.

Well, there John Kirby goes. Not sure about the rest of us.

Kirby is speaking on behalf of the Biden administration, which happens to be led by a guy who said in May — just a few months ago — that the U.S. would defend Taiwan if China were to invade. But it would only be considered an invasion if Taiwan were independent.

Confused? You should be. You should also be pretty disgusted.