As you’ve no doubt heard by now, President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID. If reports that he’s responding favorably to treatment are accurate, that’s indeed good news. Despite our myriad disagreements with Joe Biden, we’re hoping for a full recovery for him.

Naturally, liberal journalists are also hoping that he makes it through this so he can get back to doing the very important work that he does so tirelessly. They didn’t feel this way when Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID, of course, but that was different, because that was Donald Trump and Donald Trump deserves to get COVID over and over and over again.

We don’t really expect any of the aforementioned journalists to note that Biden is much more well positioned to recover thanks in no small part to the fact that he is both vaccinated and boosted against COVID with a vaccine developed under Trump’s administration, a vaccine that Biden — as well as Kamala Harris and Democratic politicians and, yes, liberal journalists — tried to cast doubt upon during the campaign season.

And speaking of the guy who was president before Joe Biden, here’s PBS anchor and NBC News correspondent Yamiche Alcindor to examine the differences between Donald Trump having COVID and Joe Biden having COVID:


“Yeah, and, think about the fact that we now have two U.S. presidents in a row that have had tested positive for COVID. And I think what we’re gonna see here is likely a different sort of approach to it. Let’s remember his predecessor took off his mask even though it was sort of in the period where he could’ve possibly infected other people. He didn’t want to talk about getting vaccinated at the White House. President Biden, I suspect, just in talking to White House officials, is gonna remind people, “Yes, I could get it, which means you can get it, which means we all have to be vigilant about this.”

That’s not what Biden said a year ago:

But hey, who’s keeping track of this stuff? Not Yamiche Alcindor, that’s for sure. Let’s remember that Donald Trump took off his mask when he could have infected other people. That’s something that Joe Biden would never do, except for all the times that he did it, even just in recent days.

But still, it’s different when Joe Biden has COVID, because, unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden is very busy and important and America needs him and needs to know that he feels their pain:

“Um, and also, of course, this diagnosis really does mean that he’s gonna have to really quarantine himself and stay away from people. While he was under pressure to be out on the campaign trail, to be out in the world, to show that he was doing something, cuz he has Democrats, in particular, who are saying, there are all these sort of fires out there, abortion politics, all these different things that are happening, and, um, voters in particular during the midterm season, they need to see you out in the world, they need to make sure that you— that they feel like you’re connected and feeling their pain, and now he’s not gonna be able to do that. But of course, I think most people are gonna say this is a time period where he needs to rest, where he needs to sort of take this very seriously, because COVID, as someone who’s had it, can be very wild, can be very freewheeling, can be very changing. You feel good on one day and then the next day you can’t get out of bed and it really has to something that you’re very, very cognizant of.”

Joe Biden needs to rest. Donald Trump needed to sit in the corner and think about what he’d done.

Yamiche Alcindor et al. are so transparent. Over and over again we’ve watched them perform intellectual about-faces in order to make excuses for Joe Biden’s incompetence and poor leadership and lies and all-around moral failings, and they think we can’t see any of it.

Because they see covering for Joe Biden as their job. If they have to choose between admitting a Republican is right and propping up a Dem who’s wrong, they’ll choose the latter every time.

They can’t quit Trump because quitting Trump would mean having to accept the responsibility of doing their jobs. And they’re not even remotely ready to do that.



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