As we told you earlier, the vaxxed and double-boosted president who one year ago guaranteed Americans “you’re not going to get Covid if you have these shots” has tested positive for Covid.

Just to set the stage, here are some tweets from select media outlets about Biden testing positive for Covid:

Now, let’s go back in time to when Trump was in office and caught Covid. This great thread from @Shem_Infinite starts with how NPR and The Atlantic covered the story when Trump had Covid:

NPR: Trump placing White House staff at risk of Covid, author says.

The Atlantic: The president’s behavior threatens the very employees charged with taking care of him.

PBS got in on the action this way:

Business Insider expressed grave concern for the White House staff:

The Los Angeles Times did some hyperventilating on behalf of the Secret Service:

Remember the fear for reporters’ lives after Trump got Covid?

And Biden spoke face to face with many reporters yesterday. Imagine the hyperventilating if this were Trump:

Here’s one more:

That’s a certainty!

And there’s no end in sight to those media double standards. Also, the media has Biden covered:

They couldn’t be more predictable.