In 2008, Paul Krugman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. It was the ultimate gesture of thanks for his years of work and expertise in the field.

But for most of us, the gesture more closely resembled a big, fat middle finger. Because what the Committee was basically saying to the rest of the world was that they were willing to give a complete dunderhead $1.4 million for being not only wrong, but for espousing genuinely terrible policy ideas whose implementation results in us getting more of our own money taken away.

And today, Paul Krugman is still around, still being looked to — and paid handsomely — for his economic expertise despite admittedly having no idea what the hell he’s talking about:

Ah, yes. If only there had been some indication, some kind of warning, that Vladimir Putin had designs on invading Ukraine.

If only someone had considered how response to the COVID pandemic would affect supply chains and how supply chain issues would contribute to inflation.

The only thing Paul Krugman consistently excels at is failing.

The New York Times is not sending their best. Actually, you know what? They are sending their best. And that’s what’s really scary.

Hey, Paul Krugman … what would you say you do here?



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