So it’s been about 24 hours since Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was “handcuffed” and “detained” for protesting in favor of abortion rights outside of the Supreme Court. In that time, she’s been called out by countless people for her little performance, which featured invisible handcuffs.

A normal person would be at least somewhat capable of shame and willing to admit that yes, this little stunt was nothing more than a piece of performance art meant to score cheap political points. But AOC is not normal. She is special. Very, very special.

For it takes a very, very special person to double down after getting busted right out there in the open:

She was just following “best practice,” you guys. Pretending to be handcuffed is “best practice,” just like that ticket with the $50 fine she got was “arrest paperwork.”

Hey, be fair: she’s only playing with about three cards from the entire deck, and this was the best she could do in just 24 hours.

Give her another 24 hours and maybe she’ll get back to you.

Maybe by “best practice,” she really means “practicing to give the best performance I could possibly give.”

Bless her heart. Just bless it.



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