As we discussed earlier, the Supreme Court has ruled that high school football coach Joseph Kennedy was well within his First Amendment rights to privately pray at games, which means that other similarly inclined people are well within their First Amendment rights to do the same.

Interestingly, many liberals’ arguments against this decision effectively boil down to “We’d like to see if conservatives would be OK with this if the coach were Muslim or Jewish. Especially Muslim.” Spoiler alert: conservatives would be OK with it.

We can’t say the same for David Frum, who once upon a time called himself a conservative. It sounds like David here might actually have a problem if Joseph Kennedy were a Muslim:

So what?

It is totally fine with us.

Why isn’t it fine with David Frum?

It’s almost as if David thinks there’s something inherently sinister about a Muslim offering praise and thanks to Allah.


Why are David and so many other critics of SCOTUS’ Kennedy v. Bremerton School District ruling so quick to bring up Islam? What is it about Islam, specifically, that they think people should find so objectionable and scary?

You’re telling on yourself, David, and you’re so busy talking that you don’t even realize it.

Never fails.

It speaks volumes.



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