By now, you’ve certainly heard that authorities handcuffed a mother who was trying to get past the police to get to her children inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Parents were jumping the fence to get inside while police staged themselves around the school. Here’s how the guy who shot Osama bin Laden thinks things should have been handled:

It’s not so simple — there’s a narrative going around that the police were outgunned by the school shooter. If that were true, we should scrap defunding the police and get them some bigger guns. David Frum says that condemning the police isn’t the right move, seeing as the 18-year-old shooter was too dangerous and too difficult for them to handle. Don’t call them cowardly; instead, restrict firearms so that only police have “assault weapons.”

We only needed one hunter-killer kamikaze super-cop there, at the single point of entry to the school. How about Option 3: Have a single point of entry. No, we can’t do that! That’s crazy talk!

Um, this SWAT team doesn’t look outgunned to us:

There should have been a good guy with a gun to stop the shooter before he made it inside the building, but as we’ve since learned, there wasn’t. There are plenty of “good guy with a gun” stories that don’t make national news.