The fallout from the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision may still be dominating the current news cycle, but it’s important to remember that outside of that, life goes on (no pun intended). And that means that stuff is still coming out about Hunter Biden. Pretty problematic stuff, if you can believe it.

And the Washington Examiner is on it:

Verrrrry interesting.

More, you say? Let’s dive on in, then. More from the Washington Examiner:

Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy told the Washington Examiner: “We can all sympathize with Biden’s love for his troubled son while recognizing that he was shoveling prodigious sums of money to Hunter Biden when the neon lights were flashing that Hunter was compromised and using the money to become ever more compromised — and with Russia, of all places.”

“Joe Biden is a textbook example of why applicants with family members who maintain shady ties with foreign actors, particularly those connected to authoritarian anti-American regimes with highly capable intelligence services, get rejected when applying for a security clearance,” he said.

“Textbook” is right. You’ll want to read the Examiner’s full report. It’s … eye-opening. Like, eyes-popping-out-of-your-head eye-opening.

Could be. And that wouldn’t be entirely unfair, because let’s face it: Joe Biden’s brain is, in fact, mush.

But it kind of doesn’t matter how much Joe Biden knew when he had all that money wired to Hunter Biden, because if he knew nothing else, he knew that Hunter Biden probably wasn’t going to use that money for anything of an above-board nature.

Our thoughts exactly.

It does sound like that, doesn’t it?


CNN might want to get on this.



Apparently Hunter Biden himself has responded to the Examiner’s reporting:

This is getting good.



Washington Examiner shares purported audio of Hunter Biden bragging about all the influence he has on Joe Biden